General Duties of Band Teaching Assistants 

  • Assist with concert band activities and events as assigned.
    • Rehearse and conduct concert ensembles as assigned.
    • Organize and assist with the audition process as needed
  • Serve on the staff of the Hawkeye Marching Band
    • Attend and teach during the HMB Band Camp, which starts one week prior to the start of fall classes.
    • Attend all rehearsals and performances of the HMB. The HMB rehearses four afternoons (Tuesday-Friday) per week, 6-7 selected Wednesday evenings during the semester, and on Saturday mornings prior to home football games.
    • Performance related duties include: conduct/supervise playing and marching sectional rehearsals; daily participation in the teaching/cleaning of drill; conduct the HMB in performance/in the stands at football games.
    • Administrative duties include: maintain rehearsal/performance student attendance records, recommend final grades; prepare pregame/halftime squad personnel assignments for each performance; assist with uniform check-out/check-in; assist with trip planning/student supervision.
    • Opportunities exist to write/teach drill; write musical arrangements for halftime or in the stands.
  • Conduct the Iowa Pep Band
    • These duties will be shared by the two students whose grad assistantships are funded by UI Athletics
    • Conduct the IPB in all rehearsals (2-3) and public performances.
    • Travel with the IPB to Big Ten/NCAA tournament appearances.
    • Administrative duties include: assist the HMB Director in the audition/organization process; maintain rehearsal and performance student attendance records, recommend final grades; attend occasional game management meetings with UI Athletics.
  • Assist with the honor band as assigned.
  • Assist with the administration and supervision of Symphony Band tour (when applicable).
  • Maintain band instrument inventory.
    • One TA will be assigned this duty for an entire academic year.
    • Manage the check-out and check-in of all band instruments
    • Coordinate repairs with West Music Company as necessary.
  • Opportunities may exist to serve on the staff of the Iowa Summer Music Camp.
  • Term limits for assistantships are as follows:
    MA = One year; renewable up to two years
    DMA = One year; renewable up to three years